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Mais qui est ce petit bonhomme?

Well that's me,

Becoming a professional illustrator is a childhood dream. Since I was little I approach the world with my imagination, eager to create. I still have my pirate scar and a treasure chest full of ideas.

But this look of disdain gave way to contemplation.


Take a look at some of my work: my creativity is at the service of your desires!

Paper or digital medium. Whether you are professional or private, I am here to listen to you and ready to discuss your projects.

Un EDOUARD sauvage apparaît!


So you want to know more?

It all started when… No, maybe we won't go back that far.

"Hello, my name is Edouard, I am 29 years old and I am weird.

- We applaud Edouard for his participation. "

Lille of origin and soul. Lille, city of conviviality and "exotic" accents. It's basically the French Manchester, let's put it that way.

It is said that we have the sun in our hearts instead of having it in the sky. I don't know if I really have such a big and hot star in there since it must hurt very, very much, especially in the middle of my chest. But I know there is something that shines. I have always had this overflowing creativity long imprisoned in my bubble. The more I  contained it, the more it needed to be released. And that hasn't changed in taking a few years.

Except that since then, I have learned to turn my difference in one of my greatest strengths.

From an introverted little buddy who did not smile I turned into this big jovial and laughing fellow.

I found the poetry that resides in every little detail of this world. So, often it may appear to you that I scan people, like "you look like a badly stuffed sausage, Christine" but in fact I simply contemplate.

Today I am proud to have a strong character and to never be at lost for words.

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